Build AI Automations for your startup

Run Locally. Customize. Self host.

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Not everything is better on a server.

Sick of SaaS bills? Censored AI Models? We are too. Thats why we built a tool that lets you run your own automations. No server required.

Simple State Management.
Triggers, Actions, and Flow definitions are stored in files on your computer. Ready to be managed in Git.
No Docker Required.
Docker is great for infrastructure but sucks for apps! Use Anything like a normal program. Just download and go.
Local Sqlite Database.
Keep it simple. Nothing fancy here. Thank goodness.
File Change Triggers.
Watch local files and run workflows based on changes.
Run CLI Commands.
Anything you can do it can do better. Well it CAN do it is the point for now.
Extremely Open Source.
The code is public. The vibes are freedom. Consider this your new swiss army knife.

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Frequently asked questions

Have fun complicated questions? Reach out to us on Discord.

If its free how do you make money?
We will charge large businesses for the additional features they need.
Whats the difference between a plugin and an extension?
Nothing. Every app has to choose what to name things. We chose to use the word extension.
How are actions and extensions related to eachother in Anything?
Each type of action has an extension that does the work. The extension is the code that runs the action. In some ways an action is just a UI interface for telling a extension what to do.
Whats WASM and why does Anything use it?
Anything plugins are written in WASM. In simplest terms its great new tech to run code from lots of different software langauges making it easier to write plugins for Anything. It also helps make it secure.
Whats languages can extensions be written in?
Currently Rust but we plan to support Javascript, Go, C#, F#, C, Haskell, Zig & AssemblyScript.